Cloud is Fun

Hi.. Mic check* Rotimi here and today we'll be talking about buts in the sky. Sorry I meant the cloud and unlike what it says doesn't mean it's in the sky. And this would be a drab and boring article that's mostly me writing down immediate thoughts. It might almost seem like a gcloud ad(Thanks to them and Andela for that), but it is not. And for most things, among the different providers(Not just AWS, Azure and Google Cloud; more on the others later) functions and implementations are mostly the same and what I talk about on gcloud will be mostly the same for others. Away from the setup, why is the cloud fun?



But seriously, for a developer like myself that has dabbled in everything from golang to kotlin with no actual experience or getting frustrated about it all while still needing the know-how and opportunity to prove myself. I have never found a niche (I'm really into laravel though, more on that later), the cloud in a good entry point with a defined entry point and ways to improve with/without a job. The pluralsight pathway is really helpful with this. Then the certifications with show to both yourself and potential employers what you really know, these are also tiered and the higher you get the more tailored it is to your desired path. Therefore, you don't have to consume information on paths not aligned with yours. What's more, nothing. On Jobs, because I don't have one or am linked to any at the moment or have any particular insight to getting one. But I will learn and take you all on this journey with me.

Will continue this in another article. Catch you on the next one.